Skydive Johannesburg

Skydiving near Johannesburg: From First Timer to Experienced Veteran

Your next big outdoor adrenaline-filled adventure awaits just outside Johannesburg with Skydive the Ranch! We offer solutions for first timers with our tandem skydiving experience, as well as skydiving school for those who want to learn how to skydive. We also offer packages for licensed skydivers, which means that no matter what your level of experience, you can come and enjoy the open skies with us.

Skydiving for Beginners: Tandem Skydiving

A tandem skydiving experience is where you are harnessed in with a professional instructor and share a single parachute system with them. This parachute jump is ideal for people who want to experience a skydive for the first time, cross it off their bucket list, or show interest in skydiving and want to learn how to do it on their own. For this jump, we recommend that you read through and understand the prerequisites for tandem skydiving, covering the weight limit, indemnity form completion, and proper dress code to ensure that you are safe and eligible for such a jump.

Skydiving School

After your first tandem skydiving experience that will give you a brand-new top-down view of Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, you can sign up for skydiving school if you want to do it again and learn how to jump on your own. We offer complete AFF courses that will take you from level 1 to level 10, with a comprehensive approach to teach you every element of skydiving and get you certified for each level. Each level of the AFF course will require you to complete a specific set of manoeuvres before you are allowed to move on to the next level. Once completing level 10, you can move on to become a licensed skydiver and work towards various specialisations and disciplines.

Packages for Licensed Skydivers

If you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to skydiving, we offer a unique drop zone that will give you an idyllic view of Johannesburg. On your initial visit, you will be required to complete an indemnity form, as well as get your gear and equipment checked by one of our professionals to ensure that everything is in order. Once your documentation and equipment are checked, you are ready to fly!

Skydive the Ranch is your answer to skydiving near Johannesburg – whether it is your very first time, you’re working through your AFF course levels, or you’re a licensed skydiver who wants to experience our drop zone. Please browse our website for details and prices regarding our different packages. Come and experience skydiving near Johannesburg with us today!

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