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Experience Idyllic views at 11 000 ft

Reach speeds of up to 200km/h


A sensory overload & experience of a lifetime!

Tandem Skydive

from R2399

Perfect for the first time jumper, who wants to experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Skydive Courses

from R1590

Perfect for the adrenaline junky who wants to become a serious skydiver!

Licensed Skydivers

from R380

Join the tribe! We are a family-oriented Drop Zone that welcomes all new members.

About Us

We are honoured to introduce first timers to the sport of skydiving at our beautiful working farm.

Located just off the N12 east of Johannesburg, South Africa, Skydive the Ranch is a premier destination for great weather skydiving all year long. The countryside offers idyllic views at 11 000ft before freefalling from the Atlas Angel aircraft at an invigorating 200km/h!

You can’t help but fall for their zany fun-filled vibe and charming, farm-style hospitality.


Creature comforts include free Wi-Fi, a canteen serving light meals and refreshments,
cabin and camping accommodation, full ablution facilities, and a braai/entertainment area, spectator areas for friends and family and a professional, safe environment for anyone to experience skydiving.

Since you don’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane every day, we want to ensure your skydive exceeds all expectations. When you visit Skydive the Ranch you’re guaranteed sky-high adventure and down-to-earth fun.

We look forward to flying with YOU!!

Our Mission

To provide a safe environment where skydivers receive excellent coaching and support to maximise their potential.

Our Vision

To be a world-class skydiving centre known for its contribution to the growth of sport skydiving.