Skydive Johannesburg

Your Definitive Choice for Skydiving near Johannesburg

Are you looking for a brand-new adrenaline-filled outdoor adventure near Johannesburg? Skydive the Ranch is your first choice when it comes to skydiving! We offer tandem skydiving for those who want to experience the thrills of freefalling and parachute jumps, skydiving school for those who want to learn, and packages for licensed and professional skydivers to enjoy our landing zone. Therefore, no matter your current skill level, you can come and enjoy skydiving for yourself at Skydive the Ranch!

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Skydive the Ranch, you can rest assured that we have the safety of our customers as one of our highest priorities – no matter if you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran. As a result, candidates for tandem skydiving will be evaluated on their height-to-weight proportion by one of our professional instructors to ensure that they are eligible for a tandem dive. We also check the gear and parachutes of all skydivers before-hand to ensure that everything is up to regulation for the jump. If the weather is not ideal on the day of your jump, you will not be charged and will have the option to either postpone to a later date or cancel your jump altogether.

Skydiving for Beginners

If you are interested in skydiving near Johannesburg, it all starts with our tandem skydiving packages. A tandem skydive will give you a taste of freefalling and parachute jumping, from which point you can decide if you want to join our skydiving school to work through the levels and get certified, or just imply want to enjoy another tandem skydive in the future. Our skydiving school courses will cover the basic elements and focus on specific aspects throughout the levels, giving you the means to learn and work towards certification to enjoy skydiving on your own.

Enjoy Johannesburg from a New Perspective

Skydive the Ranch gives you the rare opportunity to enjoy Johannesburg and the surrounding areas from a new perspective – the sky! Whether you are interested or want to buy a gift voucher for a friend or family member, we can cater to your needs to deliver an unforgettable experience for you or someone close to you. You can also bring your friends and family along on your skydiving experience, as we have a canteen area that has a clear view on the landing zone to watch skydivers make their descent back to Earth.

Please browse our website for details on our available packages and more information on our various ways that you can enjoy skydiving near Johannesburg. Take to the skies with Skydive the Ranch and experience the world from a brand-new perspective with us!

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