Skydive Johannesburg

Your Next Getaway Adventure: Skydiving

Do you want to break free from your daily routine and go on an adrenaline-filled adventure just outside Johannesburg? Skydive the Ranch has you covered! No matter your current skill level, we can accommodate first-time jumpers and licensed professionals alike. We also encourage you to bring your family and friends along for the ride, as they have a clear view of our landing zone and can spectate as you make your way down to Earth.

I Am a First-Time Jumper

For first-time jumpers, we offer our tandem skydiving package. With a tandem skydive, you will be harnessed to a professional instructor with whom you will be sharing a parachute. The instructor will take care of opening the chute and safely landing on the intended landing zone, which means that you are free to be a passenger and just enjoy the ride and the incredible views from high above. Obviously, there are some requirements on your behalf to ensure that you are eligible for skydiving with us.

Prerequisites for Tandem Skydiving

We are a welcoming community of skydivers at our landing zone near Johannesburg and try to accommodate anyone who wants to fly with us. However, there are some prerequisites that must be met before you are cleared for a tandem skydive. One of the most important elements comes down to your physique. The weight limit for tandem skydiving is 100 kg and goes with the condition that you must be in healthy physical shape. Your height-to-weight proportions will also be considered to determine if you are physically eligible to jump.

There are no age restrictions for skydiving, as long as you are physically eligible and have adult consent if you are underage. You will need to complete an indemnity form as well and be capable to safely fit into the harness before you are cleared for a tandem skydiving experience with us. Skydiving is not suitable for pregnant women, and we also recommend that you wear comfortable clothes with sports shoes when you come join us for your jump. You can expect to hit speeds of up to 200 km/h during the freefall part of the jump, which will make your heart race and give you a good idea of what it is like to jump out of a plane at such heights.

If you want to experience skydiving near Johannesburg, Skydive the Ranch is your first choice! Our website has our location pin to easily locate us on Google Maps, along with the necessary information and details on our available jumping packages. Come join our skydiving community today and see the world from a brand-new perspective!

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