Skydive Johannesburg

Your Opportunity to Skydive near Johannesburg

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure near Johannesburg? Skydive the Ranch is your gateway to an adrenaline-filled skydiving experience! See the world from a brand-new perspective as you jump from our Atlas Angel at altitudes exceeding 10 000 ft. Whether you are seasoned veteran or jumping for the first time, we offer packages that are suitable to you. Now, you can break free from a boring daily routine and chase that adrenaline rush to experience true freedom with our skydiving packages.

Open to Licensed Skydivers

If you are a licensed skydiver, we welcome you to come and try out our drop zone near Johannesburg and experience the skies with us. We welcome new members of all skill levels! You will need to present us with the accommodating documentation if you want to be eligible to jump. These include your current license, logbook, equipment repack documentation, valid AAD documents, and signing our indemnity form before you jump. We also perform an equipment inspection to ensure that everything is suited to your level of skill and experience. You can email our chief instructor in advance if you have any equipment enquiries.

Skydiving Courses

We offer advanced freefalling (AFF) courses – up to level 10 – near Johannesburg for those who want to fly solo. During your first jump course, you will start with a full day of ground training and theory to ensure that you can complete your first jump from 11 000 ft. This covers crucial elements such as checking and fitting your equipment, exiting the aircraft, safety procedures, opening and controlling your parachute, dealing with emergency situations, recognising the drop zone, and landing your parachute. 2 professional instructors will accompany you on this jump. Once you have completed level 1, you can move on up to level 2 and climb the ladder to level 10!

Tandem Skydiving for First Timers

If you want to try out skydiving for the first time, tandem skydiving is the perfect introduction. This jump consists of being harnessed to a professional instructor and going along for the ride with a single parachute system. If you are interested in tandem skydiving near Johannesburg, our drop zone is the ideal location to experience your first jump without the need to complete an AFF course or be a licensed skydiver.

Skydive the Ranch is your answer to an unforgettable outdoor adventure near Johannesburg. Come and enjoy the skies with us, no matter if it is your first time or if you are a seasoned veteran. Please browse our website for details on our prices and contact us directly if you have any enquiries.

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